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About Burma Brown

Dedicated Excellence in Publishing.

Mr. Burma Brown is a well known author and poet, originally from Missouri. His creativity and literary skills shine not only with his words but also through music, drawing, painting, and photography also.

Our History

More than just Books.

Ironwood Corner is a milestone for readers around the world initiated by Mr. Burma Brown. It aims to ease the accessibility of books and to unite similar interests under one platform. Mr. Burma Brown is an excellent author who believes in expressing his soul through creativity and art. In his early days, Mr. Brown worked in telecommunications. It took 29 years for him to drift back to his passion, after retirement. He has dedicated his life to polish the existing skills and explore other creative dynamics that he may possess.
Mr. Burma Brown is striving to get recognized predominantly among the readers as a top artist and author on domestic as well as international level. He is currently discovering his artistic expression learning all about themes, colors, textures, and abstract. He finds his inspiration from the two things he loves the most: jazz and the ocean.

Remarkable Work

  • Burma’s art was displayed at the Pasadena Public Library in April 2011.
  • His work was displayed at the Arcadia Art show in July 2011.
  • He has written a poetry book called ” Venture to the Third Ear “, published Aug 05, 2010
  • His work also includes a children’s book “The Kool Little Pigs”, published August 3, 2020

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